Vintage Crochet Patterns – free


Virginia Lakin’s Doll Knitting & Crochet


>crochet Tinkerbell to fit 6″ Dawn type doll

>crochet Wendy to fit 11 1/2″ doll

>crochet Peter Pan to fit 9″ doll

>crochet Capain Hook to fit 12″ doll


Crochet – How To

> Crochet Stitches

>How to Crochet


Crocheting With Granny Squares

(look for other granny square patterns throughout the crochet pattern index)

>Crochet Granny Squares – how to, part one

>Crochet Granny Squares – how to make clothes that fit

>Crochet Granny Squares – how to join together

>Crochet Granny Squares – general directions – different shapes

>Out of the Blue Granny Square Woman’s Jacket

>Woman’s Long Granny Square Vest

>Romantic Victorian Granny Square Vest

>Granny Square Millefleurs Skirt

>Mosaic Granny Squares Skirt

>Flingy Tri-Square Shawl

>Fringed Granny Square Poncho

>Floppy Woman’s Hat

>Woman’s Cap and Scarf

>Girl’s Ruffled Hat

>Girl’s Bonnet

>Girl’s Tyrol Hat  With Doll Ties

>Woman’s Cap Sleeved Putover

>Woman’s Bolero

>Woman’s Medallion Vest

>Star Bag

>Giant Granny Bag

>Flamboyant Granny Square Afghan

>Geometric Afghan and Coordinated Rug

>Quick Crochet Pillow and Granny Square Pillow

>12 Square Afghan

>Petite Square Bedspread

>One Square Afghan

>A Pretty Pillow

>Granny Square Hassock

>Granny Square Floor Pillow

>Granny Square Hearth Rug

>Granny Square Pillow – Contrasting Triangles

>Granny Square Pillow – Round

>Granny Square Pillow – One Square

>Granny Square Pillow – Small Bolster

>Granny Square Pillow – Checkerboard Cushion

>Granny Square Pillow – Openwork Cover

>Granny Square Pillow – Lacy Motif

>Granny Square Pillow – Flower Top

>Granny Square Daisy Tablecloth

>Granny Square Puppy Coat


Crochet For Women


Crochet Women’s  Shawls, Ponchos

> an easy crochet shawl

> the Lyric shawl

>triangle shawl


Crochet Women’s  Sweaters, Shrugs, Jackets

>apple vest for fall

>white rose summer sweater

>woman’s two tone vest

>woman’s openwork vest

>white mesh vest for spring

>granny square blouse

>camisole vest

>Crochet bed jacket

> light and pretty ladies’ jacket

>flower motif shell

>woman’s top and pants

>hooded granny square vest


Crochet Women’s Dresses, Skirts

> girl’s granny square skirt and collar

>vintage evening dress

>summer big and little dresses

>summer pop over dress


Crochet Women’s Pant Sets

>eyelet pant set

 >patterned tunic set

>patio pants set

>more pants patterns – links

> beachwear – woman’s playsuit

>vintage beachwear – bikini and skirt

Crochet Women’s Accessories and Misc.

>vintage Irish crochet opera bag

>vintage crochet rose and shamrock bag

>vintage crochet opera bag

>vintage crochet Russian handbag

>crochet ladies slipper – 196

>crochet ladies slipper – 195

>boudoir cap

>vintage three corner hand bag

> thread square motif hand bag

>granny square tote

>granny square cap and scarf

> a crochet purse

> crochet briefcase

>vintage coin purse pendant

>crochet beaded bag

>crochet gypsy sling bag

>crochet mosaic bag

>crochet sunburst bag

>the flower power tote

> perky mesh turban

>women’s tam-o-shanter

>lace collar

>Irish crochet jabot


Crochet For Men


Crochet Men’s Accessories and Misc.

>a crochet tie

>men’s slippers

> knee socks

> a fashionable belt in single crochet

>thong sandals


Crochet For Children

>boys or girls toggle jacket

>child’s cable cardigan

>child’s crochet pullover

>easy crochet beanie

> Child’s crochet mitten #1

> girl’s drop waist dress with shell stitch skirt

>girl’s flower poncho

>flower purse to match the poncho

>little girl’s lacy pants set

>boy’s checkered cardigan

>summer big and little dresses


Crochet For Baby

>crochet infant afghan – cross stitch border

>crochet infant afghan – diamond and manhattan stripe

>crochet infant afghan – embroidered daisies

>crochet infant afghan – columbia stitch

>crochet infant afghan – pineapple stitch

>crochet baby bonnet

>saque, bonnet and bootee set

>pebble pattern dress set for baby girl

>hairpin lace baby saque and cap

>ribbed crochet saque, cap and bootees

> vintage 1940?s baby saque

> baby pants

> granny square baby bunting

> baby set – saque, bonnet, mittens


Crochet Household Items


Crochet Kitchen

>crochet pineapples luncheon set 7857

>crochet pineapple tray mat 7853

>crochet pineapple tablecloth 7859

>crochet pineapple centerpiece and tablecloth

>another crochet tablecloth

>crochet tablecloth

>crochet luncheon set – placemats, table runner, napkins

>crochet motif luncheon set

>crochet shell placemat

>filet crochet bread doily

>crochet hot plate mats

>crochet checked glass jackets

>pretty crochet glass jackets

>crochet penguin potholder

>granny square string placemat

> piggy oven mitt

>butterfly potholder

>butterfly placemat

>coffee mug cozy

>apple kitchen set

>vintage kitchen curtains

>crochet potholder links

>more kitchen pattern links

>easy yellow potholder – a good first project


Crochet Afghans

>infant afghan with cross stitch border

>infant afghan with embroidered daisies

>infant afghan in columbia stitch

>infant afghan in pineapple stitch

>embroidered afghans – how to do afghan stitch

>embroidered afghan – brown and yellow

>embroidered afghan – blue and white

>embroidered afghan – flowers

>how to block and join afghan squares

>popcorn granny square afghan

>floral granny square afghan

>a traditional granny square afghan

>another granny square afghan

> a beautiful rose wreath afghan

> rose bower bedspread

> nosegay bedspread

>peace sign granny square afghan

>afghan with embroidered roses

>granny square patterns

>daisy afghan


Crochet Rugs

>braided colonial rug

>blue loops rug

>motif rug

>circular rug

>shades of green rug

>basketweave rug

>daisy rug

>criss cross rug

>fringed oval rug

>a mosaic rectangle rug

>simplicity in stripes rug

>checkers rug

>shaggy rug


Crochet household misc.

>crochet curtains

>window squares

>fish soap holder

>a heating pad cover

>loop stitch bath set


Crochet Fancy Work

>crochet pineapple runner 7869

>crochet pineapple buffet set 7858

>crochet pineapple buffet set 7867

>crochet oval pineapple doily

>crochet pineapple chair set 7856

>crochet pineapple night table doily

>crochet pineapple centerpiece 7771

>crochet pineapple doily 7768A

>crochet picot lace edge

>filet point towel lace

>crochet lace for towel

>crochet fan lace edging

>crochet chair set #7731

>crochet chair set #7231

>crochet rose filet chair set

>crochet pineapple ladies chair set

>crochet rose motif chair set

>crochet pineapple chair set #1

>crochet chair set – crinoline lady

>crochet vanity set

>cottage rose doily

>ruffled carnation doily

>lovely violets doily

>flower chain doily

>spring forsythia doily

>beautiful blossoms doily

>orange blossoms doily

>floral cartwheel doily

>daisy web doily

>a wild rose doily

>shaded tulips doily

> easy crochet doily

>fan pattern chair set

> Irish Crochet pincushion

>loop stitch bath set

> links to free Irish Crochet Patterns


Crochet Toys and Dolls

>links to free toy patterns

> a simple square bear

>vintage crochet for Barbie – a Barbie pantsuit

>vintage crochet for Barbie – a belted dress

>vintage crochet for Barbie – shell stitch dress



Crochet Christmas

>penguin potholder

>snowman potholder

>victorian icicle ornament

>snowflake tableset

> little silver basket

>crochet snowflakes and snowmen

>crochet Christmas links


Crochet for Pets

>sailor dog coat

>granny square puppy coat


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