Knit young man’s Beach Pullover

Directions are for Size 40. Changes for Sizes 42, 44 and 46 are in parentheses

Knitting Worsted Weight Yarn – 12 ounces color A, 8 ounces color B, 2 ounces color C
Knitting Needles – one pair each sizes 3 and 4

Check Your Gauge: Stockinette Stitch on Size 4 needles – 13 sts to 2 inches, 8 rows to 1 inch

Back: With Size 3 needles and Color A –
cast on 130 (136-142-150).
P 1 row and K 1 row for 8 rows.
K next row on wrong side for turn.
Change to Size 4 needles and continue in St St, working * 4 rows A, 4 rows B, 4 rows A, 4 rows B, 4 rows A then 4 rows C, repeat from * once.
Break off C.
Continue alternating 4 rows A and 4 rows B to 16 1/2 inches above turn or desired length,
end with 4 rows B.
Width across back is 20 (21-22-23) inches.

Raglan Armholes: Bind off 3 at beg of next 2 rows.
Dec 1 each side every other row until 7 (8-9-10) A stripes have been made above underarm.
Dec’ing as before work 1 C stripe then work A and B to 42 (44-46-48) sts.
End with 4 rows A or B.
With Color A — K 2 rows for turn.
K 1 row and P 1 row for 7 rows, inc’ing 1 each side every other row.
Bind off 48 (50-52-54) sts.

Front: Work same as back.

Sleeves: With Size 3 needles and Color A – cast on 66 (70-74-76). Work hem and turn as on back. Change to Size 4 needles. Work in color pat as on back, inc’ing 1 each side every 6th row 19 times Work on 104 (108-112-114) sts to 20 inches or desired length above turn,
end on same pat row as back at underarm.
Width across sleeve is 16 (16 1/2-17-17 1/2) inches.
Raglan Cap: Working Color C stripe or same row as back, bind off 3 at beg of next 2 rows.
Dec 1 each side every 4th row 3 (3-3 times then every other row to 22 sts.
Work turn and facing as on back.
Bind off.
Matching stripes sew sleeves to front and back, sew facing sts tog.
Sew underarm and sleeve seams.
Fold facings to wrong side and sew in place.

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