A week of patterns for the men in your life – beginning with this Boy’s Crochet Checkered Cardigan

Instructions are for size 6.
Changes for sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14 are in parentheses.

Sport Weight Yarn, 8(10-10-12-12) ounces Navy (N) and 2 ounces White (W)
Afghan hook Size G or size to give gauge

Check Your Gauge:
Afghan St (Block Pat): 5 sts = 1″; 4 rows = 1″
Afghan St (St st): 5 sts=1″; 5 rows =1″


Finished Measurements
Chest (Buttoned): 28(30-32-34-36)”
Back at underarms: 14(15-16-17-18)”
Each front at underarm: 7 1/2(8-8 1/2-9-9 1/2)”
Back at shoulders: 11(11 1/2-12-13-13 1/2)”
Sleeve at underarm: 10(10 1/2-11-11 1/2-12 1/2)”

Pattern I (K 1, P 1 Rib)
Make ch of specified number.
Row 1First Half: Sk first ch from hook, * insert hook thru top lp of next ch, yo hook, draw yarn thru ch, forming a lp on hook (a KNIT st), retain lp on hook. Bring yarn forward, with yarn in front of hook insert hook thru top lp of next ch, draw yarn thru ch forming a lp on hook (a PURL st), retain lp on hook; rep from * across ch, end with a Purl st.
Row 1 — Second Half: Yo hook, draw thru first lp, * yo, draw thru 2 lps, rep from * until there is 1 lp left on hook. This lp is first st of next row. Upright sts or vertical bars will be referred to as bars.
Row 2 — First Half: Sk first bar, in next bar work a Knit st, in next bar work a Purl st; rep from * to end. Work off lps same as Row 1 – Second Half. Rep Row 2 for Pat I.
Pattern II (Stockinette St)
Row 1 – First Half: Sk first bar, * insert hook from front to back between the 2 (front and back) bars of next st, yo, draw lp thru, retain lp on hook; rep from * to end. Work off lps in usual way. Rep Row 1 for Pat II.
Pattern III (Block Pat for Right Front) Note: Carry yarn across back of work. Do not draw tightly or work will pucker. All sts are Knit sts.
Row 1 – First Half:
With W, pick up until 3 W lps on hook, join N, * pick up 3 N lps, pick up 3 W lps; rep from * end last rep pick up 1 W(3W-1W-3W-2N) lps.
Row 1 – Second Half: Work off lps with matching color, picking up color to be used under color previously used to prevent holes in work.
Row 2: Rep Row 1.
Rows 3 & 4: Alternating color of blocks (N over W), (W over N), rep Rows 1 and 2. Rep these 4 rows for Pat III.
To Bind off: Sl st across row as follows: * Draw up a lp in bar and thru lp on hook; rep from * in each st to be bound off.
To Decrease: A dec is always worked on first half of a row. At beg of a row: Insert hook under 2nd -and 3rd bar and draw up 1 lp. At end of a Row: Insert hook under 2nd and 3rd bar from end, draw up 1 lp, then draw up 1 lp in last bar.
To Increase: An inc is always worked on first half of a row. At beg of a Row: Draw up a lp in first bar (the bar which is usually skipped). At end of a Row: Draw up a lp in front and in back bar of last st.

BACK: With N, ch 69(75-79-85-89) to measure approx 14(15-16-17-18)”. Work in K 1, P 1 rib (Pat I) for 2(2-21/2-21/2-3)”. Work in Stockinette St (Pat II) to 10(11-12-13-14)” from beg, or desired length to underarms.
Armholes – Row 1: Bind off 5(5-5-5-6) sts at beg of row, pick up lps to last 5(5-5-5-6) sts, bind off 5(5-5-5-6) sts. Fasten off. Rejoin yarn and work off lps. Dec 1 st each side of next 2(4-4-5-5) rows Work on 55(57-61-65-67) sts until armholes measure 51/2(6-6 1/2-7-7 1/2)”.
Shoulders: Bind off 5(5-6-6-7) sts at beg and end of next row (always break yarn at end of row and rejoin to work off lps). Bind off 5(6-6-7-7) sts at beg and end of next row; 6(6-7-7-7) sts at beg and end of next row. Bind off 23(23-23-25-25) sts for back of neck.
SLEEVES: With N ch 31(33-35-37-39) to measure approx 6(61/2-7-71/2-8)”. Work in K 1, P 1 rib as on back. Work in Stockinette St(Pat II), inc each side every 3/4(3/4-1-1-1)” 10(10-10-10-12) times. Work on 53(53-55-57-63) sts to 11(12-131/2-15-16)” from beg or desired length to underarm.
Sleeve Cap — Row 1: Same as Row 1 of back armholes. Dec 1 st each side every 2nd row 3(6-7-8-9) times, every row 6(4-4-4-4) times. Dec 2 sts each side of next row. Bind off 19(19-19-19-21) sts.
RIGHT FRONT: With N, ch 37(39-43-45-47) to measure approx 7 1/2(8-8 1/2-9-9 1/2)”. Work K 1, P 1 rib as on back.
Beg rib band and Blocks (Pat III) as follows.
Row 1: With N work rib over first 6 sts for button band; Row 1 of Pat III over last 31 (33-37-39-41) sts. Keeping 6 sts at front edge in N rib pat and rem sts in block pat, work to 9(10-11-12-13)” from beg or 1″ less than back to underarm, end at front edge.
Row 1: Work border, dec 1 st, pat to end. Continue to dec 1 st at inside edge of border every 3(4-3-3-3) rows 7(6-8-8-8) times more AND AT SAME TIME when same length as back to armhole, shape armhole as on left back armhole. Work even on 22(23-25-26-27) sts to same length as back to shoulder. Shape shoulder as on back.
Continue on 6 sts of band for 2 1/4(2 1/4-2 1/4-2 1/2-2 1/2)”. Bind off. Place markers on right front band for buttons, first marker 3/4″ from lower edge, last marker 1/2″ below first neck dec, others spaced evenly between. Form buttonholes on left front band opposite markers as follows: Work to band, pick up 3 N lps, bind off 2 sts, pick up last lp. Work off lps to bound-off sts, ch 1, work off all lps. On next row pick up 2 lps in pat on ch.

LEFT FRONT: Ch and work rib as on back. Next Row: Beg at underarm edge, pick up lps as follows: 1 W(3W-1W – 3W-2N) lps, continue in block pat to last 9 sts, pick up 3 W lps, 6 N lps in rib. Complete to correspond to right front, reversing all shaping.

Finishing: Sew underarm, shoulder and sleeve seams. Set in sleeves. Sew ends of back neckband tog, then sew 1 edge to back of neck

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