Free Vintage Doll Costume Patterns from Peter Pan – Crochet Captain Hook Costume for 12″ boy doll




NOTE: Doll must have the following measurements:
Chest: 6″; Waist: 4 3/4″; Hips: 5 3/4″

MATERIALS: Knit Cro Sheen & #2(C) hook OR ANY THREAD &
HOOK to give a gauge of 7 sts per inch
ALSO very fine white thread & #10 or 11 hook for
the ruffles.

Starting at bottom, ch 47, sc in 2nd ch from hook &
in each ch across, ch 1, turn,,

Work 5 rows even in sc

Row 6: Sc across, DECREASING by skipping the 7th st
& then every 11th st 3 times; 4 sts dec’d; 42 sts

Work 5 rows even.

Row 12: Sc across, SKIPPING 6th st & then every 10th
st 3 times; 4 sts dec’d; 38 stse

Work 5 rows even.

Row 18: Sc across, skipping the 5th st & every 9th
st 3 times; 34 sts

You are now at waistline. Work 3 rows even.

in one st) in first st, every 8th st three times &
in last st; 5 sts increased. 39 sts.

Work 3 rows even

st, every 9th st three times & in last st; 44 sts.

Work 3 rows even.

st, every 10th st 3 times & last st; 49 sts.

Divide now for fronts & back as follows:

INC in first st, work 10 sc, ch 1, turn.
Sc back to front edgec Work 2 rows of sc even.
Work 8 more sc rows on these sts only,INCREASING in
first st (front edge) on first row & 5th row. Break
t hread. Right front done.

Back: Attach thread & work next 23 sts in sc for 12
rows. Break thread.

Left Front: Attach thread, sc to end, INCREASING in
last st Work 3 rows of sc even.
Work 8 more sc rows, INCREASING in last st(front edge)
on the first & 5th rows Break thread.

Sew shoulder seams (outside 8 sts of each piece)leaving
center 7 sts of back & 7 sts of each front for
collar & lapel.

COLLAR: Starting in the 5th st from front edge, work
20 sc sts around edge to same place on opposite side.
Work 3 more rows of sc on these sts, then work in sc
entirely around front & bottom edges & collar edges
for 2 rows & break thread,,

SLEEVES: Ch 19, sc in 2nd ch from hook & in each ch
across, ch 1, turn.

Work 26 rows of scc

Next 2 rows: Sc to last 2 sts, turn; 14 sts on row
after second row is done.

Work 6 sc rows, DECREASING 1 st at beginning of each
row; 8 sts remain. Break yarn,

Using white thread & smaller hook, work ruffle of
(1 sc, 5 dc) around bottom edge of sleeve for cuff.

Sew sleeve seam & sew in place on coate

RUFFLE: With white thread & smaller hook, ch about
60 & 3 rows of sc. Then work (5 trebles & 1 dc) in
every st along row. Sew ruffle together at ends &
stitch in place at back of collar,,

EYE PATCH: With black thread & larger hook, AND
LEAVING 12″ end, ch 2 & sc 6 times in 2nd ch from
hook. Break thread, leaving 12″ end« With sewing
needle, fasten ends of circle & make it so a thread
comes out each side of circle. Crochet ties with
these ends.

Ch 35, sc in 2nd ch from hook & in each ch across,
ch 1, turn; 34 stsa

Work 4 rows of sc

Row 5: Sc to last 2, skip last 2, ch 1, turn(these
are overlap for sewing snaps on later); 32 sts

Rows 6, 7 & 8 Work 3 rows of sc, INCREASING 4 sts
on 7th row; 36 stsc

Row 9: Sc across, INCREASING in first & last st.

Rows 10 to 15: Rpt Row 9; 50 sts.

FIRST LEG: Work in sc on first 25 sts for 20 rows.
Break yarn. This makes pants just below knee. You
may make them longer if desired.

Make 2nd leg as for first, sew leg seams & sew front
seam to 1/2″ from crotch. Work rows of sc if necessary
for overlap on front opening„ Sew on snap; Run
thread through bottom of pant leg & tie below knee.

Ch 27, sc in 2nd ch from hook & in each ch across,
ch 1, turn. Work 7 more sc rows on these 26 sts.

Next Row: Sc across, DECREASING 6 sts evenly;20 sts,

Work in sc for 20 rows.

Next Row: 11 sc, ch 1, turn *3 sc, ch 1, turn, rpt
from* 6 more times, break thread,Instep (top of
foot) just made.

Attach thread & finish main row (last 8 sts)

Next Row: 6 sc, put hook through next st,pull thread
through,rpt at corner of instep & in first step of
instep (4- loops on hook) yarn over & pull through
all sts on hook; 2 sts decreased at corner,,

Work 5 more sc to end of instep, 3 sts at toe end,
5 sc down other side of instep, DECREASE at corner
as you did at other corner,sc remaining 7 sts;29 sts.

Work 3 more sc rows,(do not decrease) AND ON SECOND
ROW ONLY, work in Back Loop to make turning row for
“sole” of boot

Sole of boot: Skip first st, sc to toe end,there
DECREASE 2 sts as you did at corner of instep, sc to
end, skip 1 st to decrease there also

Rpt this row & then break thread

Sew seam along sole & up back of boot,
Note: Be sure you can put boot on before sewing seam
completely as some dolls have such real-type skin it
is difficult to slide things on. If too tight, you
may either have to work sc ro ws along back opening
or just put snaps on opening.

Ch 2, work 8 sc in first st of ch, join, ch l,turn.

Rnd 1: 2 sc in each st around,join, ch 1,

Rnd 2: Sc,INCREASING by working 2 sc in EVERY OTHER
STITCH around, join, ch 1, turn; 24 sts.

Rnd 3: Sc,INCREASING in every 3rd st; 36 sts.

Rnd 4: Sc.INCREASING in every 4th st; 48 sts

Sc around in BACK LOOP only for turning row.

Now work in sc rnds, for 5 rnds, or till crown is right size

Next Row: Sc around IN FRONT LOOP only for turning
rnd to be ready to start brim.

Work in sc rnds now for 5 rnds,INCREASING in about
every 5th or 6th st; break thread.

PLUME FOR HAT: With small hook & white thread, ch 15
& work 1 row of sc. Next Row: Work 5 sc, 10 dc,work
4 more dc in last st, 10 dc along other side, 5 sc
at end. Break thread. Use wire to stiffen if necessary.

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