Free Vintage Doll Costumes from Peter Pan – Knit Wendy gown for 11 1/2″ doll





KNIT WENDY GOWN for 11 1/2″ fashion doll.

MATERIALS: Nylon yarn, #1 needles or ANY YARN AND
NEEDLES to give gauge of 9 sts per inch.

Beginning at neck, cast on 17 sts & k 3 rows.

Knit across.INCREASING in every other st; 25 sts.

Place markers now as follows: K 5, PM, k 3, PM, k 9,
PM, k 3, PM, k 5

Purl back.

Work in stock, st, INCREASING before & after the
markers on EACH KNIT RCW, till you have 81 sts on
the marker, divided 12-17-23-17-12.

Divide & work sleeves now as follows: Work first 12
sts (to first marker). Slip marker,knit to next marker
INCREASING 3 sts, turn & purl back to first marker.

Work sts between markers in stock, st for 22 more
rows, DECREASING to 8 sts on LAST RCW.

Purl back & work 2 more rows of stock. st. Knit
across, INCREASING in every st, purl 1 row, knit 1
row & bind off with k st.

Attach yarn again, knit to next marker, work sts between
next 2 markers as you did for first sleeve.

Attach yarn again & knit to end of row. Knit 3 rows,
then work in stock. st again, INCREASING about every
6th st on FIRST ROW ONLY; work till piece is 7″ or
almost desired length. K 3 rows, then knit across
INCREASING in every st. Purl back, work 7 more rows
in stock. st & bind off. Sew back & sleeve seams.
Sew snaps on back opening. Embroider on flowers.

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