Free Vintage Knit and Crochet Doll Costumes from Peter Pan – pattern #1 – Tinkerbell to knit





KNIT TINKER BELL for 6″ Dawn-type doll

MATERIALS: Nylon yarn, #1 needles OR ANY YARN OR
THREAD which will give a gauge of 9 sts per inch.
ALSO Larger needles, about #3 or 4, for WINGS

Starting at top, with #1 needles, cast on 34

Row 1: K 6, bind off 6, k 9, bind off 6, k 5.

Row 2: K 6,cast on 2,k 10, cast on 2,k 6; 26 sts

Beginning with purl row, work in stock, st for 8
rows, DECREASING 1 st under each armhole on 2nd,
4th & 6th rows; 20 sts.

Next Row: K 1 row (you will have a purl row on the
right side to work skirt on later).

Knit across, INCREASING 6 sts. Purl 1 row, then work
6 more rows of stock, st. Bind off & break yarn.
(Last 6 rows are the attached panties).

Fold in half at waistline & hold with top half
towards you. Weave #1 needle through 20 purl nubs on
right side, going from left to right side.

Attach yarn, change to larger needles now & please
work LOOSELY for skirt:

Row A: (K 1, YO) across, end with k l

Row B: Purl back.

Rpt Rows A & B two more times, knit 1 row, then break yarn, leaving 12″ end.

Thread end on sewing
needle, slip sts from knitting needle to this sewing
needle & pull yarn through sts, drawing up sts so
they are puffy as shown. Sew skirt, then sew back
seams of panties & sew center front & back together.
Sew seam to topc If waist is too big, put a rubber
band around waist, over panties & under skirt.

WINGS: Cast on 3 sts with LARGER needles

Row 1: K 1, yo, k 1, yo, k 1.

Row 2: K 1, purl 3t k !

Row 3: *K 1, yo, rpt from* to last st, k 1.

Row 4: K 1, purl to last st, k 1

Rpt Rows 3 & 4 till 33 sts on needle.

Next Row: K 1, *yo, k 2 tog, rpt from* across.

Next Row:.K 1, purl to last st, k 1.

Rpt these 2 rows once more.

K 1 row & bind off loosely with k st.

Break yarn, fold in half, lay flat & block to shape
of wing. Gather at fold line, so the fold is same
length as back of dress top & sew in place on back
of dress.

You might wish to starch, or use sugar solution or
nail polish to stiffen wings. Or use a fine wire
around edge or crochet around it.

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