An easier (much!) shawl in crochet

Not as intricate (or difficult!) as the knit shawl pattern yesterday, this one in crochet is still a beauty. You could dress it “up” or “down” by changing the type of yarn you use. note: if you change the weight of the yarn, change your hook size to correspond. You may also want to change the number of stitches in the foundation chain, using the same decrease method to get to the point of the shawl.

Materials needed
12 ounces of knitting worsted weight yarn – you choose the color
size “K” crochet hook


Row 1: 1 dc in 7th ch, * ch 2, 1 dc in 3rd chain, repeat from * to end of row.

Row 2: Chain 5, turn, 1 dc in the dc of the row below, * ch 2, 1 dc in the next dc, repeat from * to end of row (DO NOT PUT A DOUBLE IN THE CH 5 SPACE, YOU WILL HAVE ONE BLOCK LESS EVERY ROW.)

Repeat Row 2 for Pattern.

Work even in pattern until 10 blocks remain. End off.

Work a shell stitch border on top ONLY as follows: * 1 sc in block, 5 dc in next block, repeat from * to end.

FRINGE the other 2 sides. To make fringe, wrap yarn around a 6″ cardboard. Cut 1 end. Hold 6 pieces together and make a slip knot in each block.

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