Woman’s turtleneck dickey

Garter-stitch-edged dickey has neckline shaped by decreasing, ribbed turtleneck knit on picked up stitches

MATERIALS: Knitting worsted, 4 ply, 5 ozs.
Knitting needles No.8. (Or English size 5.)
One stitch holder

GAUGE: 9 sts = 2″; 6 rows = 1″.

DICKEY: Beg at lower front edge, cast on 68 sts. Knit 6 rows. Work as follows:
Row 1: Knit across.
Row 2: K 4 (border), p to within last 4 sts, k 4. Repeat last 2 rows until total length is 12″, ending with row 2.
Shape Neck: Left Front Shoulder: K across the first 27 sts, turn. Maintaining border, work 9 rows on these 27 sts, decreasing 1 st at neck edge each row. Work 2 rows even on remaining 18 sts. Bind off. Slip next 14 sts on a stitch holder for front neck. Attach yarn
at right neck edge and work right front shoulder to correspond to left front shoulder, ending at neck edge. Do not bind off. On same needle cast on 50 sts. for back of neck and back left shoulder.

BACK: Continue as before over these 68 sts. until length from back of neck is 7 1/2″, ending with a k row, K next 5 rows. Bind off.

NECKBAND: With right side facing, starting at left shoulder, pick up and k 19 sts evenly along side neck edge to front stitch holder, k the 14 sts on holder, pick up and k 19 sts along side neck edge to back of neck; leaving last 18 sts free for left shoulder, pick up
and k 32 sts along back of neck-84 sts. Work in k 2, p 2 ribbing for 2 1/4″. Bind off very loosely in ribbing to allow for head.

FINISHING: Sew left shoulder and neckband. Steam-press.

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