Knit Helmet – from Wartime Handknits, 1942

It takes only two skeins of Knitting Worsted and a little time and someone you love in the service will be protected against the cold, rain, or sleet.

Knitting Worsted, 2 skeins
Knitting Needles: One pair No. 5 double-point 1O-inch needles

Gauge: 6 stitches = 1 inch

Using 2 needles, cast on 48 sts. K back and forth in garter st. for 7 inches, leave on needles and, with 2 other needles. work another piece.

Now join, using 4 needles and working round and round (48 sts. on first needle, 24 sts. on 2nd and 3rd needle). Place a marker at joining and carry on needle throughout.

Work 4 1/2 ins. in K 2, P 2 rib.

Now starting at marker, K 2, P 2, K 2, P 2, K 1, bind off 30 sts.
K 1, P 2, K 2, repeat across in established rib, turn and work back and forth for 1 1/2 ins.

Now cast on 30 sts. over those bound off, and work round and round in established rib for 3 inches.
Change to stockinette st., starting at marker K 6, * K 2 tog, K 30, repeat from * around.
K 1 round even.
K 5, * K 2-tog., K 29, repeat from * around.
K 1 round even. Continue to dec. every other round, working 1 st. less between decs., until 24 sts. remain.

Slip 12 sts. on 2 needles and kitchener sts. tog.

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