Vintage Coin Purse Pendant in dainty crochet

A pretty necklace with coin purse pendant is a gift that will be joyfullv received by the small child. This one is crocheted in light blue and the Purse measures 1 1\2 inches in diameter, large enough to hold four or five pennies or five-cent piece. The chain is 20 inches long.

1 ball Light Blue crochet thread
One No. 12 steel Hook.
1/2 inch plastic or metal ring

Instructions: Ch. 20; make bead by working 8 triple crochet into 5th st. back of hook, remove hook from loop and insert it in 1st st. at right corner of little fan, pull through and close open space with sl. st. to the center, ch. 20, make another bead and repeat for the desired length.

COIN PURSE – Work 48 s.c. over 1\2-inch ring, ch. 9, slip stitch to 6th st. on ring, ch. 9, slip stitch to the next 6th st. and repeat around, making 8 loops. to center of 1st loop, ch. 9, slip stitch to center of next loop, ch. 9, and repeat around.
Work 2 s.c., 2 d.c., 4 t.c., 2 d.c., 2 s.c. over 9 ch., and repeat around.
Fasten, and fill center of ring with a lace stitch done with needle and thread.

Make another circle exactly like this one and join both circles together at the points, with the exception of one point -which is left unfastened and which will give an opening large enough for small coins to be slipped into. Fasten chain to the two upper scallops.

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