Knit Knee Warmers

Elderly people, or those at all inclined to rheumatic twinges, appreciate the knee-cap, and a pair of them will make a most acceptable gift to grandpa or grandma. Size one double pointed needles and Germantown yarn were used for the model, which may be made more or less heavy, as desired, by choosing coarser or finer yarn.

Cast 35 stitches upon each of three needles and knit around 30 times in single rib—that is, knit 1, purl 1, alternately. You are now ready to begin the gore, which may be done in single rib, like the rest, or in basket-stitch (or other fancy pattern) as in the model.

Take 26 stitches on one needle, leaving all other stitches idle; take a stitch from each side every time across until but 42 stitches are left on both idle needles. Narrow at the end of the busy needle each time until but 26 stitches are left on the busy needle. Take up 23 stitches on the selvage at each side, divide the stitches evenly on the three needles, and you should have the original number of 35 stitches on each of the needles. Again knit 30 rows in single rib, bind off loosely, and finish with a simple crocheted border of chain-loops or shells caught down in every other stitch.

To knit the gore in basket-stitch, * purl 6, knit 2; repeat for 3 rows, then knit 1 row plain; repeat 1st 3 rows, placing the 2 plain stitches exactly in the center of the 6 purled stitches of previous rows. This change, made after each plain row, gives the woven- or basket-effect, and the pattern is a very pretty one for sweaters.

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