2012 Yarn Stash Busting Challenge

Moving along into the New Year…

12 in 2012

Denise at Justquiltin is challenging herself to knit only from her yarn stash this year ( she’s allowing herself a couple of exceptions for really good sales ) and she’s set a goal of finishing 12 pairs of socks in 2012.

You can join in her challenge on this page and find more information and sock pattern resources here.

Kelly at Creating a Family Home has also issued a Stash Busting Challenge for 2012.

Kelly says So whatta ya say?  Will you join me in a stash-busting challenge in 2012? Not to say that you can’t buy new yarn or supplies (you can) — just don’t use it.  Yet.  Instead, let’s see how long we can go just knitting or crafting from our stashes.”

She’s also reminding us to finish up all those works-in-progress that lie at the bottom of everyone’s stash. I’m thinking I’m in on this one!

Find Kelly’s challenge here

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