Eggs, Egg Cozies and Easter Baskets to Knit – 25 free patterns

>bunny egg cozy




2. pretty patterned eggs




3. one egg basket




4. jean greenhowe’s novelty eggs




5. eggs in a basket (ravelry)




6. Easter egg ornaments




7. fuzzy chicks and mini eggs




8. sparrow’s nest with eggs




9. fair isle eggs




10. knit eggs from drops design




11. egg with chick design




11. egg with duck




12. egg warmers




13. basket for eggs or fruit




14. felted egg warmers




15. felted chicken basket




16. cotton eggs




17. Easter basket (ravelry)




18. sweet little Easter baskets




19. cadbury chicks




20. Easter egg baskets




21. felted Easter basket




22. Easter basket




23. easy knit Easter basket




24. little egg friends for your Easter basket




25. felted nest







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