More of Everything Bunnies to Knit for Spring – 24 free patterns

>diagonal bunny dishcloth




2. jointed stuffed bunny




3. bunny boo




4. bunny ears




5. bunny bib and washcloth




6. bunny hand puppets




7. bunny bookmark




8. pocket bunnies




9. hare finger puppets




10. bunny gloves




11. bunny mini cuddly blanket




12. bunny toy




13. easy knit bunny from a square




14. handsome bunny




15. pet pal bunny slipper




16. chocolate bunny




17. tiny baby bunnies




18. cottontail bunny cocoon and hat




19. baby bunny bunting




20. bunny peep




21. mr. bunny




22. woodins




23. grumpy little bunnies




24. lizzie rabbit





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