Ladies Crochet Slipper – 196


Worsted Weight Yarn
2 ounces Color,  1 ounce White – 122 yards per ounce
1 pair Lamb’s Wool Soles, Size 5
Knitting Needles No. 2
1 Crochet Hook No. 3
1/2 yard No. 7 Ribbon for Bows


Sizes 4 or 5
The slippers are made in the slip stitch.

Row 1—Make a chain of 16 stitches, which will allow you 1 stitch for turning, crochet 7 stitches, increase 2 extra stitches in the 8th stitch, crochet 7 stitches and 1 chain, turn.
Row 2—Crochet across (taking the stitches or loops from the back, this forms the ribs), without increasing. You will then have formed 1 rib of vamp.

Continue making ribs, increasing 2 stitches only in the center of every other row, or every rib, until there are 26 ribs in the vamp.

To begin sides take up 24 stitches, work 4 ribs, then increase 1 stitch on the upper side by making 2 chain instead of 1, continue widening every rib until there are 34 stitches, work 14 ribs without increasing, decrease in like manner until you have 24 stitches, work 4 ribs, connect at left side.

Turnover — With white cast on knitting needles 22 stitches, knit 60 ridges or 120 rows, bind off, with black work in long stitch, according to design, sew carefully on soles and finish with ribbon bow.

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