Infant’s Knitted Hood

4 ply medium weight yarn – 1 ball White, 1 ball Color
4 DP Knitting Needles size 2
4 yards of Ribbon


Size 6 to 12 months

With white yarn cast on 20 stitches,
knit plain for 19 rows,
now increase 1 stitch at the end of each row until there are 36 stitches on needle,
knit 40 rows on this length,
then decrease in the same manner as you increased until 20 stitches remain,
this completes the crown,
now with 2 extra needles pick up 46 stitches on each side, having 112 in all,
knit 60 rows on the entire length,
now divide the stitches so there will be 36 stitches on each of the side needles, and 40 stitches on the centre needle,
knit back and forth on the centre needle, taking up one stitch from each side needle every row until there are 62 stitches on centre needle,
knit 2 rows, taking up all the stitches, bind off.

Border—With colored yarn pick up the stitches across the bottom, knit 2 rows,
now knit a row of holes for ribbon as follows :
knit 4, *yarn over needle twice, knit 2 together, knit 4, repeat from * to end of row,
on the next row knit the yarn over needle as a stitch,
knit 18 rows more, bind off.
With colored yarn pick up the stitches across the front, knit 40 rows, bind off.
Draw the ribbon through the holes at the bottom and trim with ribbon bows.

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