Crochet Rose Motif Chair Set

Materials: Clark’s O.N.T. Knitting and Crochet Cotton, 2 balls of Ecru, or J. & P. Coats Crochet Cord, 6 balls.
Steel Crochet Hook No. 6.

To make the rose motif, ch 10, join with sl st to form ring.
1st rnd: Ch 3 (to count as d c), 23 d c in ring. Join with sl st in 3rd ch of ch-3 first made.
2nd rnd: Ch 11 (to count as tr and ch-7), * skip 2 d c, tr in next d c , ch 7. Repeat from * until 7 loops are made. Ch 7, sl st in 4th ch of ch 11 first made.
3rd rnd: In each loop make 1 s c, 1 half d c, 2 d c, 5 tr, 2 d c, 1 half d c, 1 s c (8 petals in all).
4th rnd: Sl st to 5th st of petal. Ch 8 * skip 1 st, d c in next ch 5, skip 1 st, d c in next, ch 5, d c in 5th st of next petal, ch 5. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st to 3rd ch of ch-8. Break off.

Make 10 such motifs for the chair back and 6 for each arm piece (22 motifs in all).

Chair Back: Place 2 rows of 4 motifs each so that the larger open space between the petals are adjacent, and with a needle and thread sew motifs together at the center st of the ch-5 of the spaces on both sides of this, between shell space. Then place a third motif to complete the two outside columns (see picture) and sew these in place.

Starting at center motif on left-hand side, fasten thread in center free ch-loop, and proceed downward as follows:

1st rnd: Ch 8 (to count as 1 d c and 5 ch sts) a d c in next ch loop, ch 5 and repeat clear around the piece-where medallions are joined make 2 tr with no ch between. That is, one in last and one in first free ch loop of each medallion. Join last ch-5 to 3rd st of ch-8 with a sl st.
2nd rnd; Ch 3 (to count as 1 d c and 1 ch st), make 4 small sps by making a d c in every other st of previous rnd and ch 1 between each d c, then ch 8, a d tr (thread over 3 times) in next ch-loop and another d tr in 2nd free ch-loop of next medallion, ch 8, over next 16 ch-loops work as follows: D c in center of next ch-5, * 3 small sps, ch 1, 1 d c in next ch, and repeat from * around corner (51 sps). Ch 8, d tr in next loop, skip 1 loop, d tr in 1st loop of next motif, d tr in next loop, skip 1st loop of next motif, d tr in next loop, ch 8, d c in 3rd ch of next loop, 9 small sps, ch 8, d tr in next loop, d tr in second ch loop of next motif, ch 8, d c into 3rd ch of next loop, 9 small sps, and continue as for other corner, and along side. Over each upper corner motif work 37 sps. Over each of two center top motifs work 25 sps.
3rd rnd: Work row of small sps all round, making d c’s under ch-l’s of previous row. At the two lower corners work sps to centre of ch-8, then d c in centre of ch-8 at opposite side. Between motifs of 37 and 25 sps, skip 3 corner sps in order to keep work flat.
4th and 5th rnds: Same as 3rd rnd. Skipping 3 corner sps at lower corners, as in other motifs. On 5th rnd, make a ch-3 p in every other sp.

Fill in spaces between motifs as follows: Make 6 ch, s c in center st of any one larger open sp, ch 6, s c in 1st ch of ch-6, * ch 6, s c in centre st of larger open sp of next motif, ch 6, s c back in first ch of ch-6, at the beginning. Repeat from * 2 more times.

Armpieces: Join sets of six together and finish edges as for chair back.

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