Knit Skirt, Stole and Jacket – Pattern One – The Skirt

Size 14 or 16

Materials: SOCK AND SWEATER YARN, SHRINK-RESIST FINISH, 3 Ply (1 oz. skeins): 12 skeins of Dark Green, 8 skeins of Dryad Green and 3 skeins each of Daffodil and Scarlet. . . 29-inch Steel Circular Knitting Needle No. 3 (3 mm. size).

GAUGE: 7 1/2 sts make 1 inch; 10 rows make 1 inch.

Length of skirt—32 inches. Width of skirt at hem—85 inches.

Note: When changing from one color to another always twist the unused color around the other to prevent making holes.

With Dark Green cast on 640 sts loosely.
1st row: * Knit 10 Dark Green, attach a ball of Dryad Green and (with Dryad Green k 2; k 2 Dark Green) twice; k 2 Dryad Green. Repeat from * across, ending with k 2 Dryad Green. Turn.
2nd row: * (P 2 Dryad Green, p 2 Dark Green) twice; p 2 Dryad Green, p 10 Dark Green. Repeat from * across.
Starting at 3rd row knit, following chart below across (20 sts worked). Repeat these 20 sts to end of row. On following row purl, following chart across (20 sts worked). Repeat these 20 sts to end of row. Continue in this manner until top of chart is reached (40 rows). Repeat these 40 rows until piece measures 33 inches in all, or length desired. Bind off.

VERTICAL STRIPES . . . Starting at lower edge of skirt, with crochet hook and Daffodil, make a row of chain sts along each of the two center sts of first Dryad Green sections to waistline (a stripe completed). With Scarlet, work a stripe along next Dryad Green sections to waistline. Alternate these 2 stripes around entire skirt (see illustration).

Sew edges neatly together to form back seam. Make a narrow hem all around lower edge of skirt. Work a rnd of sc at top of skirt. Join, then make a beading as follows:
BEADING . . . * Ch 6, skip 3 rows of knitting and make an sc in next st, ch 6, skip 3 sc at top of skirt and make sc in next sc. Repeat from * around. Join and break off.
Run elastic through beading and sew ends securely together.

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