Crochet Checked Glass Jackets

Materials: PEARL COTTON, Size 5, 1 ball each of White and Light Blue and 5 balls of Dark Blue. Steel Crochet Hook No. 7.

This amount of material is sufficient to make a set of 8 glass jackets.

Check Your GAUGE: 10 sts make 1 inch; 4 rnds make 1 inch.

BASE . . . Starting at center, with Dark Blue, ch 2.
1st rnd: 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
2nd rnd: 2 sc in each sc around (14 sts). sl st in next sc.
3rd rnd: Ch 3 (to count as 1 dc), dc in same place as sl st, 2 dc in each sc around (28 sts). Join with sl st in top st of starting chain.
4th, 5th and 6th rnds: Ch 3, dc in each st around, increasing 14 dc evenly on each rnd. Join (70 sts).
Piece should measure about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Ch 1, turn.
Next rnd: Work sl st in each st around. Join with sl st in first sl st. Ch 3, turn and work up the side as follows:
1st rnd: Dc in each sl st around. Join (70 sts). Ch 3, turn.
2nd rnd: Dc in each dc around. Join and break off Dark Blue.
3rd rnd: Attach White in same place as sl st, ch 3, turn. Holding Light Blue along top of previous rnd, with White make dc in 3 dc (thus conceal-ing Light Blue), thread over, insert hook in next st and pull loop through, thread over and draw through 2 loops, drop White, pick up Light Blue and draw through remaining 2 loops. Always change color in this way. * Holding White along top of previous row and working over it, make dc in next 5 dc, changing to White in last dc of this 5-dc group; conceal Light Blue in the next 5 White dc and change to Light Blue as before. Repeat from * around. Join.
With Light Blue, ch 3, turn. Fit this piece over a glass for size; it should fit snugly. Do this often while working.
4th rnd: Concealing unused color work Light Blue dc’s in Light Blue dc’s and White dc’s in White dc’s. Join and break off White. With Light Blue, ch 3, turn.
5th rnd: Conceal Dark Blue in the first 4 Light Blue dc’s changing to Dark Blue in the last dc of that group, concealing unused color work Dark Blue dc’s over Light Blue dc’s and Light Blue dc’s over White dc’s. Join. With Dark Blue, ch 3, turn.
6th rnd: Work Dark Blue over Dark Blue and Light Blue over Light Blue. Join and break off Dark Blue. Attach White, ch 3, turn.
7th rnd: Work White over Light Blue and Light Blue over Dark Blue. Join with Light Blue, ch 3, turn.
8th rnd: Repeat 4th rnd. Join and break off both White and Light Blue. Attach Dark Blue, ch 3, turn.
9th, 10th and 11th rnds: Dc in each dc around. Join, ch 3, turn. At end of 11th rnd break off.

Make 7 more glass jackets same as this.

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