Vintage Rug Patterns – A Braided Rag Rug

49 x 74 Inches

Materials: J. & P. COATS HEAVY DUTY MERCERIZED SEWING THREAD, 6 spools of Black . . . 20 pounds of rags of a heavy cotton fabric-half of this amount to consist of 3 dark shades (Green, Black and Brown) to be braided together to form the dark braid; and the other half in an assortment of mixed bright colors to be braided together to form the light braid.

It is important that the material used be of a similar weight and texture to assure uniformity of braid throughout.

Cut material into strips, each 2 1/2 inches wide (see diagram). Join ends of pieces to form a long continuous strip by piecing the ends on the bias. Roll strips into balls, keeping colors separately. These strips are then folded twice as shown in Fig. A and braided as in Fig. B. Braid 3 strips of the darker shades (Green, Black and Brown) together (1 strand of each color) to form dark braid. Braid 3 strips of bright colors to form light braid.

To make rug, measure off 25 inches of light braid and, using this as a straight center, coil light braid around this center, sewing each round in place until piece measures 17 x 42 inches. Cut off light braid. Coil dark braid around this section, sewing each round in places before, until piece measures 26 x 51 inches. Cut off dark braid. Using light braid, work as before until piece measures 40 x 65 inches. Cut off light braid. With dark braid, work as before until piece measures 49 x 74 inches.

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