Vintage Crochet Rugs – Braided Colonial

58 Inches in diameter

Materials: COTTON RUG YARN, 12 balls each of Red and Yellow; 18 balls of Green. (before you begin, see note about materials)

Knot 5 strands of each color together (15 strands in all). Place a weight on the knot. Then separate the three colors into separate groups (3 groups in all) and make a braid 4 yards long. Go back to the beginning and, starting at center of Rug, sew braid in rounds to form a circle, being careful to keep work flat. Continue in this manner until Rug measures 48 inches in diameter. Break off Red and Yellow and add 10 more strands of Green. Make a braid of Green only and sew around as before until Rug measures 58 inches in diameter. Fasten ends securely and break off.

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