Vintage Crochet Rugs – Criss Cross

24 x 36 Inches

Materials: COTTON RUG YARN, 14 balls of Dark Green and 5 balls each of Red and White . . . Rug Hook, Size G.
(before you begin, see note about materials)

Starting at one short end with Green, make a chain 30 inches long.
1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across until row measures 24 inches and has an odd number of sts. Cut off remaining chain. Ch 1, turn.
2nd row: Sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.
3rd row: * Sc in next sc, insert hook at base of next st 2 rows down and draw loop through to height of row in work, complete as for an sc (long sc made). Repeat from * across, ending with sc. This row will be referred to as pattern row.
4th, 5th and 6th rows: Sc in each st across. Ch 1, turn.
The last 4 rows constitute pattern.
Work in pattern until piece measures 36 inches, ending with the 3rd row and having an even number of pattern rows. Break off.

WOVEN STRIPES (Woven across width)
. . . Cut 5 strands of Red, each 2 yards long, and draw strands through first long sc of first pattern row.
* Skip 1 long sc on second pattern row and draw strand through next long sc; skip 1 long sc on first pattern row and draw strands through next long sc. Repeat from * across, turn.
Work back in the same manner, drawing strands through the long sc skipped on both pattern rows. Fasten ends securely on wrong side.
…Cut 5 strands of White, each 2 yards long, and weave a White stripe through long sc of second and third pattern rows as before. Weave stripes in this manner, alternating colors and ending with a Red stripe.

Attach Green to one corner and, working along one short side, make sc in first st, * ch 2, skip 1 st, sc in next st. Repeat from * across. Then work sc closely together along next long side, keeping work flat. Work other two sides to correspond. Join and break off.

FRINGE … Cut 10 strands of Green, each 10 inches long. Double these strands to form a loop. Insert hook in ch-2 loop and draw loop through. Draw loose ends through loop and pull up tightly. Make a fringe in each ch-2 loop across each short side. Trim ends evenly.

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