The Thursday 13 – Knit Doily Patterns ( which are very hard to find! can you help? )


1. Little Flower Doily

2. Knit Two Color Doily (pdf)

3. Knitted Petals Doily

4. Knitted Lace Doily

5. Heirloom Doily (pdf)

6. Doilies Knit on Two Needles ( be sure to check the metric size for the needles on these old patterns – you’ll probably want to use a size 0 or 00 in our current sizes)

7. Georgian Lace Mat (pdf)

8. Another Knitted Lace Doily

9. The Knitted Doily (pdf)

10. Double Star Doily – knit in wedges and joined to form circle

11. Vintage TulipWreath Doily (try a modern size 00 needle)

12. Ulma Doily

13. Oma and Her Offsprings

Please – I had no idea how difficult it would be to come up with knit doily patterns. If you have one or if you know of some links, will you please leave me a comment so I can include it here? Thanks!

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