Granny Squares – Crochet a Hooded Vest


Instructions are for Medium size

Materials: Bulky weight yarn, 8 oz. Main Color, 6 oz. color A
Knitting Worsted weight yarn, 8 oz. color B
crochet hook Size K or size to give gauge

Gauge: 1 square is 4 1/2″

Finished Measurement: Bust 39″

SQUARE (Make 51): With A, ch 3, join with a sl st to first ch to form a ring.
Rnd 1: Same as Rnd 1 of Granny Square Afghan here.
Rnd 2: Holding 2 strands of B tog, work same as Rnd 2 of Granny Square Afghan. Fasten off.
Rnd 3: Join MC in back lp of a dc after a corner ch-1 .* Working in BACK LPS only, sc in each dc and ch-1 to corner ch-1, 3 sc in corner; rep from * around, ending sc in same place with joining.
Join with a sl st to first sc and fasten off.
Sew in all loose ends neatly on wrong side.

To Join Squares: Follow diagram below for placement of squares for body and for hood. With MC and right sides tog, overcast through top lps matching sts.

To Join Hood to Body: Matching letters on diagrams, overcast edges of squares tog as before.

Edge: With MC, beg at lower center back edge, work sc in each sc
(skipping joinings) to corner, 3 sc in corner, continue around entire vest in same way. Join with a sl st to first sc. Fasten off.
Join MC at center of underarm square, sc in each sc to within 1 st of corner; draw up a lp in next st, in corner and in first st of next square; yo and through 4 lps on hook (corner dec), continue sc around armhole as on lower edge, decreasing at corners.
Join and fasten off.

TIES (Make 2): With MC make a chain 18″ long, or desired length. Work sl st in each ch. Fasten off. Fasten ties to front neck edges.

click image for full size graph

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