How to Block and Join Your Crocheted Granny Squares

The blocking of articles made of granny squares—the process whereby the squares are squared up—can be done in one of two ways. The granny squares can be blocked individually, but this is extremely time-consuming and should be done only if a square seems very distorted.

To ready such a square for blocking, pin it wrong side up to a flat surface — measuring to make sure the dimensions of the square are the same as those given in the directions—and proceed as
described below for blocking assembled articles.

To complete any granny square project, individual squares must be joined.
First, all yarn ends should be woven into the back of each square and trimmed. With experience, you will find it easy to conceal yarn ends on one round when crocheting the next round. This requires placing the yarn end along the stitch into which you are crocheting so the stitch you are working will conceal both the top of the stitch on the previous row and the yarn end.

Squares may be sewn or crocheted together. Sewing provides a flat finish and works better when you are easing or fitting a larger square to a smaller one. Always work on the wrong side of the squares and use matching yarn (contrasting yarn is shown in the photographs only for clarity).

The best way to assemble a number of squares for an afghan is to sew them together into strips of the desired length and then join the strips to the width you want. Sewing strips is easier than sewing squares because you don’t have to knot and cut the yarn so often, and strips keep the granny squares better organized. When joining multicolor squares, arrange them on a table until you have achieved a pleasing effect, then join them as they are positioned.

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