Crochet for Summer – Thong Sandals

NO TT-8 from This ‘n’ That
Leaflet 2538 – 1971, Columbia-Minerva Corp.

Craft/Rug Weight Yarn (1-3/4 oz. pull skeins) – 5 skeins
Crochet Hook Size K

GAUGE: 2 sc to 1″. Work with double yarn

SIZES: Small (Medium-Large)

SOLES: Starting at heel, ch 5. Starting in 2nd ch from hook, work 4 sc across, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in each sc to end, ch 1, turn. Work on the 5 sc for 4 (5-6) more rows. Inc 1 sc each side on next row, ch 1, turn. Work on the 7 sc to 15 (16-17) rows from start. Dec 1 sc each side on next 2 rows. Fasten off.

Make 1 more piece & sew tog for double sole. Make other sole the same as sole is reversible.

UPPER: Ch 10 (11-12). Work on 9 (10-11) sc for 5 rows. Fasten off. Sew to sole as shown. Crochet chain desired length – about 2-1/2 yds. With single strand make ch-5 loop & attach to back of heel. Draw cord through 2 sc at center of Row 3 of upper then through loop at back of heel.

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