Knitting to Fit – A Sweater and Skirt – Part One – The Skirt

This skirt, and most of the sweater, are knit in the round on circular needles. This
means few seams (none on the skirt) and easy knitting.

Size: Instructions are for size Medium(Misses’ size 10-12; 33-34 inch bust,35-36 inch hips).
To make larger or smaller, cast on the number of stitches which, based on the gauge, will give the
proper size. Adjust all other references to number of stitches accordingly.

2-ply sport weight yarn: 9 skeins Wood Brown, 1 skein Red, 1 skein Camel
Size 3 and Size 5 circular knitting needles
One pair size 5 straight knitting needles
Stitch holder
Row Markers
Yarn needle
One yard 3/4-inch elastic for skirt waistband

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 in; 7 rows= 1 in; on Size 5 needles

The Skirt

The skirt is knit from the waist down (Figure C), rather than by the usual hemline-up method. The advantages are fewer stitches to cast on and easier hem adjustment. (To lengthen a finished skirt which was knit from the bottom up, carefully pick out the last row of stitches and, working out from
the edge, knit the number of rows desired. (This works for stockinette stitch and garter stitch, but not for rib or pattern stitches.)

Because this skirt is knit on circular needles, there are no bulky seams to sew or diminish elasticity and the only stitch needed for stockinette stitch is the knit stitch.

Waistband facing:
With Wood Brown and No. 5 needles, cast on 168 sts. Join, being careful not to twist sts, and mark for beg of rnd.
K for 3/4 in.
Next round: (yo, K 2 tog), rep to end of rnd for turning ridge.

Work even for 3/4 in.

Body of skirt:
Next rnd, put markers on needles at what would be the two side front, two side back and two side seams of a six-gore skirt. (Marker already on needles can be used for one side seam.)
There will be 48 sts between center markers and 18 sts between side and center markers (Figure B).

Inc 1 st each side of markers every in at sides (4 sts every in) and every 2 ins at side front and side back markers (8 sts every 2 ins) until skirt measures 10 ins from waistband.
Total number of sts: 248.
Inc 1 st each side of markers every 3 ins at sides (4 sts every 3 ins) and every 6 ins at side fronts and side backs (8 sts every 6 ins) until skirt measures 22 ins from waistband.
Total number of sts: 280.
Work even for 4 ins (adjust here for hem).
Change to No. 3 needles on last row of right side to keep hem from rippling.

Turning ridge:
K all sts through back of loops on next rnd.

Hem facing:
Continue to K for 1 1/2 ins. Do not bind off.

With length of yarn and yarn needle, sew hem directly from knitting needles (photograph 7).

Cut 3/4-inch elastic to fit snugly around waist, with an extra inch for overlap.
Lap ends and stitch securely. Sew waistband with yarn and yarn needle encasing elastic inside (photograph 8).

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